Vance Cunningham

Who am I?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Vance grew up in the city’s urban fabric and had the opportunity to experience the many cultures and environments that compose it. Like many, he became attracted to the idea of architecture at a young age. This shaped the way he thought about everything ranging from building construction to cooking. In an effort to discover patterns between it all, he started to look at the underlying processes behind them. His focus shifted to see design first and architecture as a subset of this. All things are designed but it is in that process that we understand something from the inside and out.

What do I do?

Vance is an architectural designer who has worked for a number of firms including general contracting and engineering. Outside of architecture, he works with digital art which includes illustrations and animations. He has also honed his photography portfolio during his travels to other countries.

What am I looking to accomplish?

I am looking to make connections between things and ideas that are not normally connected.

For more professional information, please refer to my resume.